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Phoenix Garden Party

The Phoenix Garden Party took place on Friday 21st June and what an event it was! The weather was very kind and thanks to our very small but committed PTA membership and the help of staff the event had a wonderful community feel that epitomises the ethos of Phoenix. Thank you also to everyone for coming along to support or donating items. The takings on the day were £1100! A huge achievement. We are getting towards the end of the 2018/19 academic year and what a fitting way to end. Please take a look at the message below from Sonya Hand who has done an amazing job as Chair of the PTA. I know the hard work and sleepless nights that go into these events and I know that you will all join me in saying a huge thank you to Sonya as she steps down in her role of Chair of the PTA.


Message from Sonya Hand 

What a fantastic event it was and we hope you enjoyed  the event as much as we did. It's our last whole school event for the year as we prepare to say goodbye to our current year 2's and welcome in our new foundation children. 


It is also a goodbye from me as I step down as the chair of your PTA. At the start of my first full year as chair the school set us an ambitious target of raising £10,000 to fund new books for the library and I'm delighted to say we achieved that goal with a lot of very hard work from both our small pta team and support from the school and local community.


This last 2 years has seen us become a registered charity, seen the introduction of our new online system which will now become the main way of purchasing PTA goods and tickets. We saw the Pimm's tent become a regular feature of the garden party, the big screen as part of film night and most importantly the creation of the PTA Facebook page! We hope you have find the new features helpful and enjoyable.


It's always at this time of year when I take the time to say thank you to all of you that have helped us over the year - whether that be donations, helping at events or sourcing us products. A big thanks to the staff at school including our lovely caretaker Mr Dunn and our cleaners Linda and Deb's and Ann-Marie in the kitchen who take our regular intrusions and mess in their stride without any complaint 😊


The biggest thank you however goes to the small PTA who spend many many hours of their own time working behind the scenes organising, running around and putting on events that make the children's time at Phoenix more enjoyable. That thanks extends to your children who are often left to get on with things at events without you and they do so without complaint. So Helen, Channing, Kate, Emma, Diane, Jack and to all those who have been with us over the past couple of years THANK YOU. We have been successful because of your hard work.


Finally from me - I have been honoured to be your Chair for two long but happy years but it's time for me to spend a bit more time with my children and let somebody else keep taking the PTA forward. Please keep supporting your PTA they are fabulous 🤩