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Themed Learning

Robin Hood

For our Fabulous Finish, Partake came and and helped us act out the story of Robin Hood. We had lots of fun pretending to be the different characters from the story. 


  • Science: Plants

This half term in Science we will continue to talked about seasons and the changes that occurs in the land around us and investigate 'What plants need to grow'.

  • History: Famous People

In History this half term we are learning about what it means to be famous and significant historical figures. 

  • ICT: Algorithm

This half term we are learning about programming.

  • Art: multimedia

In Art we are learning about drawing self portraits. 

  • Religious Education: Stories

This half term we are continuing to learn about Jewish stories as well as the Christian Easter Story. 

  • Physical Education: Gymnastic and Ball skills 

We are learning about different ways of moving, balancing and how to catch and throw balls accurately. 

Science Week:

Week beginning 8.3.21

During Science week, we learnt about clouds (their names and the water cycle) and volcanoes.