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Class 5

Starting Priory September 2020

Class 5 Bubble Class Lists

Welcome to Year 2 and  Class 5!

Hello Everyone! smiley

Welcome to Class 5.

Our teacher is Miss Greasley, our teaching assistant is Mrs Smith and we work closely with Class 6, Miss Gossington and Mrs O'Hare.  We are all Superstar learners in Class 5 and we try our best every day!

Our Class Author this term is Oliver Jeffers-you might know some of his books......................How to Catch a Star, Lost and Found, Up and Down and Stuck!

Every morning we practice our phonics and handwriting.  After that we do English, where we work hard on our reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. We then stop and have our milk and fruit before a well earned playtime!  After playtime, we do our Maths and problem solving work.  By the time we have finished that, we have worked up an appetite so we have lunch and another playtime.

In the afternoon, we work hard on different subjects such as Art, P.E, Science, History, Geography and R.E. 

We all work as a team in class and look after each other by following our Golden Rules.

Please keep checking on this page to look at all the exciting learning we have been doing in Class 5!

Shrove Tueday. Class 5 have been learning and writing all about Shrove Tuesday. We then had some pancakes and topped them with our favourite toppings! Yum!

In Science we have been learning about the importance of eating a balanced diet to stay healthy. We designed, made and evaluated pasta salads.

In Maths, we have been learning about 2D shapes and doing lots of practical activities as part of our learning. Take a look..............

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Reverend Johnson came to talk to us all about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. We got to look at lots of different Jewish artefacts, learned all about what Jewish people do to celebrate Hanukkah and we played the game of Dreidel.

In English we have been writing repetitive poetry. We called our poem, 'On my way to school......'

Remembrance Day. We observed the 2 minutes silence to remember all the soldiers that fought for peace. Mr Dunn came in to talk about his time as a soldier in the Falklands War.

Culture Week. Wales - we made Welsh dragons out of clay!

Culture Week. As part of our learning about the UK, we baked shortbread biscuits from Scotland and they were delicious!

Culture Week. We are learning about the United Kingdom and we have been tasting food from each of the 4 countries.

Computing. We have been learning how to use the mouse to play simple online games and know that they have rules we need to follow to make them work.

Our Fabulous Finish to our Fire! Fire Topic!


Year 2 made Pudding Lane with their tudor houses but...…………………...oh no! The baker forgot to put out the fire in his oven and look what happened!!!!

Design and Technology

As part of our Fire! Fire! topic, we have designed and made tudor houses.  We had to plan our design carefully and think about the materials and tools that we would use. Take a look at our amazing creations...…..

Our Tudor Houses


In Science, we have been looking at the suitability of different materials.  Our challenge was to build a house from different materials and say why or why not it would be suitable for building a house.  Take a look at our houses...........

We acted out the events of The Great Fire of London with Partake Theatre Group

Class 5 Trip to Carlton Fire Station

Fire! Fire!

As part of our Science topic of Materials, Year 2 had a real life fire to observe how different materials changed shape when we heated them.  We put fabric, plastic, wood, metal, brick and paper into the fire.