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Class 5

Welcome to Year 2 and  Class 5!

Hello Everyone! smiley

Welcome to Class 5.

Our teacher is Miss Greasley, our teaching assistant is Mrs Smith and we work closely with Class 6, Miss Gossington and Mrs O'Hare.  We are all Superstar learners in Class 5 and we try our best every day!

Our Class Author this term is Oliver Jeffers-you might know some of his books......................How to Catch a Star, Lost and Found, Up and Down and Stuck!

Every morning we practice our phonics and handwriting.  After that we do English, where we work hard on our reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. We then stop and have our milk and fruit before a well earned playtime!  After playtime, we do our Maths and problem solving work.  By the time we have finished that, we have worked up an appetite so we have lunch and another playtime.

In the afternoon, we work hard on different subjects such as Art, P.E, Science, History, Geography and R.E. 

We all work as a team in class and look after each other by following our Golden Rules.

Please keep checking on this page to look at all the exciting learning we have been doing in Class 5!

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Fire! Fire!

Fire! Fire! 1
Fire! Fire! 2
Fire! Fire! 3
Fire! Fire! 4
Fire! Fire! 5
As part of our Science topic of Materials, Year 2 had a real life fire to observe how different materials changed shape when we heated them.  We put fabric, plastic, wood, metal, brick and paper into the fire.