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Class 6

Welcome to Class 6! What a great start to the new year we have had. My name is Miss Gossington and I am the class teacher. Mrs O'hare is our teaching assistant and we work very closely with Miss Greasley and Mrs Smith in Class 5. Every morning the children will be doing English and Maths. In the afternoon the children will explore other areas of the curriculum including DT, Art, Geography, Science, History, PE, Music and RE.  Please take a look at our termly newsletters to find out what is happening in these areas.  We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead and if there are any questions please feel free to speak to any member of the Year 2 team, we are all here to help. smiley

Year 2 Autumn term newsletter

Class 6 completing their pictures in the style of Hunter Vassar. Using no straight lines and bright colours.

Fire! Fire! Changing materials within science. As part of our Science topic of Materials, Year 2 had a real life fire to observe how different materials changed shape when we heated them. We put fabric, plastic, wood, metal, brick and paper into the fire. We then looked at the objects the next day to see how they have changed or not. We found that the metal coat hanger had only slightly changed share and colour. The fabric and paper was burnt and in tiny pieces.

Class 6 had a great morning at Carlton Fire station. We saw lots of equipment that fire fighters use and we even got to try some of it on! We had a tour of the station and saw the gym, computer room and the kitchen. We then got to sit in the fire engine and use a fire hose to aim for a target ( that was the best part). It was great fun and we found out lots of information about keeping safe.

Class 6 won the stars last week so we decided to have a Disco! We had great fun and played some dancing games too.

Class 6 had our first visit to Carlton Library today. We met Liz who told us all about the library and then kindly read us a story. After we had time to look around and pick a book for us to enjoy at home

Class 6 were very busy this morning making their Tudor houses. We really enjoyed our morning especially using the hay for the roof!

Class 6 had a great time this morning recreating Pudding Lane for the great fire of London. We used our Tudor houses that we built to start the fire. We saw how quickly our houses caught fire and now understand why this happened back in 1666 too.

Culture week has started for class 6. We are learning all about the United Kingdom. Please take a look on the website under curriculum - humanities to see us food tasting. Yummy  smiley
Culture week is still continuing in class 6 we have been making our own dragons using clay. Please take a look in our curriculum section under The Arts to see us in action. smiley