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Spring Term

Welcome to NURSERY!

This is a magical place that is full of exploringfun and learning. You might have heard about when lots of farm animals came to visit us or when we found Cinderella's slipper or how about when a rocket landed in our playground? We are so pleased that you are coming on our adventure with us! 


Ms Young is key worker with the caterpillar group on Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Wright takes over for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Mrs Betts is the key worker for the butterfly group Monday to Thursday and then Mrs Richardson takes over on Friday. Though your child will have a key worker the entire nursery team gets to know all the children and are happy to help all families in any way we can. 


Keep your eyes on this page as photos of all the amazing things we are doing will be uploaded regularly. 

Spring 2 is called....

Watch me grow!

Some fun to have in half term to get ready for the new topic.

Week 6.... It may only been 4 days but it has been jam packed week!! We have done lots of gardening, worm finding, egg and spoon races, hot cross buns, easter nests and a very special visitor. Happy Holidays everyone!

Week 5....The Enormous Turnip. We have loved this story! We have acted it out and explored lots of different vegetables. This week has been all about teamwork. Helping each other just like the characters in the story. We love the muddy hill but decided it needed some love, so we have been tidying and digging and planting together.

Week 4- Jack and the JELLY beanstalk. What a fun week! We met new friends, played lots outside, made our our beanstalk and the beanstalk grew jelly beans on it!! The giant left nursery and left us some jelly beans to say thank you.

F1 Science week! We did 4 experiments. The first looked at where cress grows the sun not the cupboard! Then we looked if magic beads would grow on their own, in oil or was the water. After that we looked at which makes better play dough, salt or was salt. Finally we looked at which bubbles lasted longest little bubbles or big bubbles.

Week 3 Jack and the Beanstalk....and a real beanstalk grew in nursery.

World Book Day 2021....lots of fun at school and home.

Week 2- Jasper's Beanstalk! We have planted our beans in bags this week in the hope we will see the roots grow as well as the stem and leafs. We also have been loving the construction and our new shop this week!

Week 1- The Tiny Seed.... This week has all be about flowers! We have planted seeds to watch them grow, we have made flowers out of loose parts and been counting flowers! So much fun.

This half term is called...

Nursery children,

Nursery children, 

What do you see?

What we have been up too...

It's been a funny term but that has not stopped us all learning about author Eric Carle, numbers 1-5 and how our voice makes different sounds. 

And of course having fun at school...

and home...