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Foundation One (Nursery)

At Phoenix Nursery we have great fun exploring indoors and outdoors. We will be posting pictures and videos on this page to show you what we have been doing. We look forward to sharing our activities with you.

Our teachers are Ms. Leigh-Browne and Mrs. Winstanley and our teaching assistants are Mrs. Chafer and Mrs. Betts

We can't wait to be 4!

have you seen our birthday board in nursery? Every child has made their own birthday crown. When it is their birthday we take their crown off the display and they wear it when they blow out the candles on the birthday cake. The children take their crown home on their birthday and it is replaced with a photo of them wearing their crown for their birthday celebration.

Brilliant fun painting on a huge piece of orange cellophane! We discovered that we could see our friends through the cellophane and pretend we were painting each other's faces. Then we got brushes and soapy water to wash the cellophane so we can do it all over again tomorrow.😀

 W/C 26th June. Science Week.

This week everyone at school is being a scientist. We have been exploring, discovering and observing. We made a volcano, grew cress, found natural materials to make a collage, launched stomp rockets, looked closely at snails, mixed colours and  explored magnets, pulleys, balances and ramps.

May 2017

We launched our pirate ship "The Joly Phoenix." We have been drawing maps, counting treasure and walking the plank.

The Grand Old Duke Of York

We all made a drum and decorated them carefully with patterns. The drums made a great sound as we marched up and down the hill on the school field.

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8.03.17 026.MOV

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Hickory Dickory Dock

We loved having two little visitors in Nursery. They were Russian hamsters- as tiny as mice, but without the tails!! We made pictures of the hamstersand of clocks. Our big clock looks great on the wall in nursery. Can you see the mouse?


We have continued to explore nursery rhymes and this week has all been about spiders as Incy Wincy spider has been climbing up and down the spout. We have loved climbing under and over the giant spider's web outside and have been very creative- painting spiders, making spiders with plasticine and counting 8 pipe cleaner legs and also making beautiful rain sticks.

We passed a ball of string to one another to make a spider web.

We have been using plasticine to make Incy Wincy Spider

What a surprise when we went outside!! A kite had got stuck in the tree! Where did it come from? How can we get it down? We had lots of brilliant ideas.Getting the kite down.

We are artists!

We have been thinking about stars and singing this weeks nursery rhyme "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

We looked at a painting by a famous artist called Van Gogh. It is called starry night. We made our own paintings just like the one Van Gogh made by swirling our fingers in paint to make starry night patterns. We think they look great!

We had great fun at our Christmas partyand loved the yummy food.

Having fun playing with autumn leaves.

Culture Week

We have been learning about Turkey (morning nursery) and Romania (afternoon nursery). We learned to say Günaydın (good morning) and Buna ziua (good afternoon). The children made the flags of Turkey and Romania, wrote postcards and worked together to build a big aeroplane outside and had great fun flying to Turkey and Romania. All the children made and ate some baklava, using pastry and honey, it was sticky and yummy! We listened to some nursery rhymes in Turkish and Romanian. Look at the photos to see the fun we have had during culture week.

Finding out about Turkey and Romania

We loved working together to make Gerald the Giraffe. He has been watching us as we have been seeing how tall we can build our towers in the construction area. We have made our own pictures of Gerald and used bricks to measure how tall our giraffes are.


Still image for this video
Take a look at how brilliant we are at balancing on our obstacle course.

There is a monkey in the box!!

7th October

This week we have been reading the book "Monkey Puzzle" by Julia Donaldson. The children have made a fantastic display of cheeky monkeys swinging from the trees in the jungle. 

What is in the box?

A mysterious box has arrived in Nursery. It has some holes in it and a label that says "please look after me."

the children have tried peering into the holes, sniffing through the holes and listening carefully to see if they can hear anything. We had some good ideas of what might be in the box.......a fox?.........Anna or Elsa?.........someone's daddy?...........a tiger.........a dog? 

We still don't know, but we will have lots of fun trying to find out!