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New to Year 1

Hello and welcome to year 1! 

This is the Year 1 team. Miss Moretto and Mrs Haywood are the class teachers in Class 4. Mrs Haywood will be teaching in class 4 on a Monday and Tuesday and Miss Moretto on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Mr Farooq is the class teacher in Class 3.  Mrs Key, Mrs Bowles, Mrs George and Mrs Shepherd are teaching assistants and they will be working in both classes.  We all work very closely together so feel free to talk to any member of the team about your child, we are always happy to help!

Year 1

Get to know the Year 1 team

The Great Monster Hunt (Mr Farooq)

Giraffe on a Bicycle (Miss Moretto)

The Odd Egg (Mrs Haywood)

Bumble Bear (Mrs Key)

Zog (Mrs Bowles)

Hugless Douglas (Mrs Shepherd)

A Squash and a Squeeze (Mrs George)