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Matthew won our morning trophy for doing so well when we filmed our Christmas concert. He also has worked so hard on writing his name. Fantastic work! 4-12-20

Mia-Rose won the afternoon trophy today because of all the hard work and effort she put into her performance on Wednesday. Well done Mia you were such a good role model. 4-12-20

Ethan won our trophy this morning because he is listening so well on the carpet and joining in with all our group activities. Well done Ethan 20-11-20

Logan won the trophy this week because he is always so helpful. Even when its raining he will help tidy up outside to help the adult. What a superstar. 20-11-20

Harrison won the morning trophy this week because he has been joining in like a super star! He has been joining in group time and playing with his friends during exploring time. Well done Harrison.

Izzy won the afternoon trophy because she is working really hard to learn new songs. She is a great role model to others and has wonderful enthusiasm towards every new song. Keep it up Izzy.

Deliah won our afternoon trophy this week. Deliah started doing some full days this week and she took to it like duck to water. She has been very polite, enjoying lunch and afternoons with her friends. 6-11-20

Skylar won the morning trophy this week because all the team have been so impressed with how hard she has been working during carpet time. She is joining in, putting her hand up and (most importantly) enjoying herself! Keep it up Skylar. 6-11-20

This week, Neno and Nancy won the special award trophy for always being helpful to those around them, using their beautiful manners and making good choices. Well done! 16-10-2020

This week the morning trophy went to Kaiden. Kaiden is such a great role model in nursery. He has beautiful manners and encourages other to use manners too. He is full of great ideas and invites others to play along side him. Considering he only started in September he is doing an amazing job! 9-10-20

Aaniyah won the trophy today because she is just the happiest team member ever!! Always has a smile and is full of fun and laughter. Well done, keep up those positive vibes. 9-10-20

Molly won the morning trophy this week. She has been very kind to all her friends, helping them finding things and helping them say goodbye to their parents when they are finding it hard to leave them. She is also really improving in asking for help when she needs it. 2-10-20

Ava won the afternoon trophy this week, We are very proud of her for coming with a smile on her face this week. She is such a great member of our nursery team, full of fun, laughter and great ideas so it's so nice to see that smile when we open the gate in the afternoon. 2-10-20

Naya won our morning trophy this week. Naya has only just started nursery but its like shes been there all the time! She is always smiling and full of beautiful manners and kind words. What a great start Naya! 25-9-20

George won our afternoon trophy this week. He has been soooo helpful around nursery this week. Sharpening pencils, finding lids for pens and tidying without being asked. He has also been very kind to the new starters and showing them the ropes. Thank you for being so kind George. 25-9-20

Matilda won the morning trophy because she has been so kind to the new children who have started nursery. She has shown them what to do and where to go and invited them to play with her. Well done Matilda for being such a lovely friend. 18-9-20

Brodie has won out afternoon trophy this week because we are so impressed with how well he has come to nursery, he is always happy to see us, plays beautifully with the other children and joins in at group time. Keep it up Brodie. 18-9-20

Ella won the morning trophy because she has beautiful manners, she is brilliant at taking turns and Ella is very helpful! Keep it up Ella. 11-9-2020

Layla won the afternoon trophy because we are so impressed with how much confidence she has come back to nursery with. Well done Layla. 11-9-2020