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Thank you for all your hard work during Spring and Summer 1 term. We are now moving to Summer 2. Please find all our new activities under the sunflower.

Welcome to Our Nurturing Nursery

Everyday in Nursery we have fun!

We explore and develop our imagination through investigation and play.

Meet our Nursery team

Mrs Haywood (teacher)

Mrs Betts ( Teaching Assistant on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Mrs Richardson (Teaching Assistant, Monday, Tuesday and Friday)

Mrs Chafer (Teaching Assistant, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. The door is always open!

Our favourite songs

After welcoming the children into Nursery, we sing this song about starting the school day.

The children know all the actions!

We All Go Travelling By (UK)

This next song gets the most requests!

A Dragon on the Doorstep (UK)

World Book Day

We drew our favourite book character on a white T-shirt to wear on World Book Day. They looked AMAZING!!! On the day, our parents came to read books we had brought from home.

Fairy Tales

This half term we are learning about Fairy Tales to answer the question 'Is there always a fairy in Fairy Tales?'. As part of our topic we have been very lucky to have special imaginative visitors. Please feel free to look through the pictures and 'guess who?' the character is. 

Pancake Day



After our winter topic we learnt about dinosaurs, through stories and information books. We found out about their names, the food they ate and how different the landscape they lived in was. We searched for fossils through sand, pretended to be dinosaurs and made dinosaur biscuits.

Ice Age

At the beginning of this half term, we learnt about winter. We particularly enjoyed our surprise, SNOW!!!

Yes, it did snow on our playground.  

We are now going to learn all about Dinosaurs; we are really excited about this new topic, finding out about when and where they lived as well as what they like to eat. 

All about colours

This half term we are learning about colours! 

We have been learning about the different colours we can see in autumn as well as what happens when we mix red, yellow and blue paint. 

Our special guest!

Our special guest who has arrived this morning will stay with us over the next three weeks!!! She is looking forward to staying with us and having lots of FUN!!! The children have named her 'Cherry'.

Our busy half term

This half term we have been busy reading Eric Carle stories and talking about the characters. Eric Carle is this term's nursery link author.
Goose fair week
                Culture Week - Australia
During culture week, we learnt about Australia and the animals that live there. We also baked ANZAC biscuits and had a go at playing the Didgeridoo.