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E-safety is more important than ever as we move into remote and blended learning and children are spending more time online and at a screen. Here at Phoenix we teach the importance of staying safe online and are using Tapestry and Seesaw as secure platforms for your child to use.


Here are some top tips to help your child to stay safe:

  • Discuss internet safety and develop an online safety plan with children before they engage in online activity. Establish clear guidelines, teach children to spot red flags, and encourage children to have open communication with you.

  • Supervise young children’s use of the internet, including periodically checking their profiles and posts. Keep electronic devices in open, common areas of the home and consider setting time limits for their use.

  • Review games, apps, and social media sites before they are downloaded or used by children.

  • Adjust privacy settings and use parental controls for online games, apps, social medial sites, and electronic devices.

  • Tell children to avoid sharing personal information, photos, and videos online

  • Encourage children to tell a parent, guardian, or other trusted adult if they feel unsafe, or have seen something they don't like.


For more information Parents Zone have created a useful hub exploring e-safety and screen time: