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Flying High at Phoenix!

Welcome to our governing body

What do the Governing Body do?

At Phoenix we are very fortunate to be supported by our wonderful governors. The governors play a vital role in enabling the school to continually strive for excellence by providing support and challenge.  This is achieved by the governing body -


  • Attending regular committee meetings  either Pupils, Personnel and Strategic (PPS) or Finance

  • Supporting the school in matters relating to Health and Safety

  • Attending termly full governors meetings

  • Understanding and taking seriously all issues linked to the safeguarding of children

  • On going monitoring which includes meeting with staff and pupils, taking part in staff meetings, observing lessons, and work in books alongside appropriate leader, receiving a termly report from the headteacher, keeping up to date with the School Improvement Plan and regularly visiting school

  • Link governors with areas in school. Subject leader reports are shared with governors

  • Attending governor training events

  • Understanding and impacting on the School Improvement Plan

  • Being fully aware of the school budget and management of resources and how use of finances impacts on pupil progress and attainment, with a particular focus on money targeted at specific areas.

  • Understanding how well the school is doing in relation to pupil progress, attainment and attendance

  • Holding school leaders to account



    Committees 2020/21


Pupils, Personnel and Strategic

David Colyer ( Chair)

Sonya Hand (Chair)

Anna Scrivens- Sabin

Helen Derby

Helen Rylands

Grace Collins

Nicola Broad

Nicola broad

Andy Dunn

Lisa Harper

Lisa Harper 

James Saunders (TBC)

Tanya Jones

Anna Scrivens-Sabin

Laura George

Laura George

Meeting dates 


Autumn term –Wednesday 11th November 2020 - 6pm

Spring term –   TBC

Summer – TBC


Autumn term – Tuesday 13th October 2020 - 6.30 pm: 

Spring term –   TBC

Summer – TCB

Full Governors

Autumn term – Tuesday 17th November 2020 at 6.30pm

Spring term –   Tuesday 30th March 2021 at 6.30pm

Summer – Tuesday 29th June 2021 at 6.30pm


Governors’ Monitoring Statement

Governors have an important part to play in the Leadership of the school. They need to be fully aware of their school’s strengths and development needs and be able to communicate these to each other and a range of stakeholders, including parents and school inspectors/advisors. As governors play an important role in the strategic development of the school, a range of monitoring opportunities are required to help them to support school leaders in decisions relating to finance and school development planning.

A school monitoring programme is in place which has a section relating to governor monitoring for the current year drawn up by governors and staff and linking to the School Development Plan.


Governors will be supported in their monitoring role through;

  • Formal and informal visits to school

  • Regular newsletters

  • Use of school website

  • Involvement in HT appraisal and evaluating teacher appraisal processes

  • Analysis of data including outcomes for specific groups of pupils

  • Pupil interviews

  • Staff interviews

  • Visiting on special event days

  • Access to school policies

  • Involvement in staff meetings eg work scrutiny

  • Learning walks

  • Involvement as pro-active committee member

  • Minutes of meetings.

  • Financial Reports including assessing value for money

  • Head Teacher termly report and governor questions

  • Governor meetings held in classrooms as appropriate

  • Being kept up to date with the School Improvement Plan and Self-Evaluation and impacting upon these


    To support governors with their monitoring role, training is provided either through the Local Authority termly course programme or in house designed training.


Member of Staff


Child Protection and Safeguarding

Mrs Harper

Anna Sabin-Scrivens/Sonya Hand

Health and Safety

Mrs Harper

David Colyer

Inclusion – Special Needs/Gifted and Talented/ Vulnerable groups

Mrs Harper

Mrs Broad ( Pupil Premium)


Sonya Hand ( Pupil Premium)

Helen Derby


Mrs Broad

Sonya Hand


Miss Greasley

Helen Rylands


Mrs Bloom

Sonya Hand


Mrs Southall


Helen Derby


Miss Gossington

Andy Dunn

Governor Training

Mrs Harper

Helen Rylands


        Date Appointed    End of term Business Interest
Governor  Co-opted Miss Tanya Jones 20 Mar 2019 19 Mar 2023 None
Governor  Parent Mr James Saunders 22 Jan 2019 21 Jan 2023 None
Governor  Staff Mrs Laura George 20 Nov 2018 19 Nov 2022 None
Governor  Co-opted Mrs Nicola Broad 12 Jun 2018 11 Jun 2022 None
Governor  Co-opted Mrs Anna-Marie Scrivens-Sabin 22 Nov 2017 21 Nov 2021 None
Governor  Co-opted Ms Helen Rylands 22 Nov 2017 21 Nov 2021 None
Governor   Co-opted Mrs Sonya Hand 26 Jun 2017 19 Nov 2022 None
Governor Parent Miss Helen Derby 26 Jun 2017 25 May 2021 None
Governor  Co-opted Mr Andy Dunn 15 Jun 2016 14 Jun 2020 None
Governor  Co-opted Ms Grace Collins 28 Sep 2015 19 Nov 2022 None
Chair of Governors LA Mr David Colyer 01 Sep 2013 19 Nov 2022 None
Governor  HT Mrs Lisa Harper      


Governor Newsletter December 2018