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Summer Term

Special Assembly Friday 7th May. What a busy week in class we have started to learn fractions in maths. In English we are starting to look at the story book The King 👑 who banned the dark. Willow has been awarded with the manners certificate this week for her consistency using ‘ please’ and ‘ thank you’. William has been awarded with special effort for his maths work this week. Finally the trophy 🏆 has been given to Faith for her independent learning this week and focus. More children have filled their sticker charts too well done to Skylar, Lily- Mae and Katie Ann who will all be queens 👸 for the day on Monday.

Special Assembly Friday 30th April. What a busy week in class 6 we have been looking at different stories by our new class author Roald Dahl. In maths we have been using our knowledge of the 2, 5 and 10 times tables to help us with division. Manners this week has been awarded to Skylar. Special effort to Willow for her explanation of her work verbally in maths this week. Autumn was our trophy winner this week for some great George’s marvellous medicine writing and a great piece of art work. Autumn also finished her sticker chart so will be queen for the day Monday. Well done 👍🏻

Special Assembly Friday 23rd April. We have had a fabulous week back at school. We have started our new topic about The Great Fire of London, finished learning about different places all around the world and today we started back at swimming. Manner this week was awarded to Harry who consistently uses the words please and thank you. Special effort was awarded to Katie Ann who has worked very hard and the progress in her work is evident. Emily has been awarded with the trophy for her effort this week answering questions to really show her understanding. We have also had lots of children complete their sticker charts to become kings and queens.