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Class 3 (Year 1)

Welcome to Class 3 (Year 1)


As the children in class say, Class 3 is awesome! We love to learn about things in an exciting way, did you hear about the time an alien came into the class and took our chairs?! Through the year we will be learning about ourselves and the other animals around us, different celebrations, toys old and new, fame, and the eternal question...why don’t meerkats live at the North Pole? The aim of Class 3 is that every child is celebrated for their achievements, progress and how great they are. We do this through high fives, stickers, as much work being displayed as possible and special assembly and now this web page, have a look at photos to see all the amazing things we can do!


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We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo. How about you, you, you?

On Thursday 4th June Class 3 went on a wild adventure. We went to the zoo as a part of our Science, DT and Geography. Though it was a long hot day one member of the class described it as “the best day ever!” We really enjoyed looking at the different animals, asking questions and finding out new facts. It was so much fun to see the animals up close and class 3 did a wonderful job at representing the school. We had great time, photos are below to look at and work on the wall in the classroom to enjoy.

Thank You!!

Wedding fever has really hit class 3 lately, all heading towards today. Today was my last day as Miss Sanders and I have been overwhelmed by all the good wishes, cards and presents from staff, parents and children. It was so unexpected and has made me feel very special. I would like to thank everyone for their support and kind messages. I had the best afternoon with my class at our wedding party and it made me very proud to see them working together, supporting one another and keeping a secret for so long! I feel very lucky to work with such a great staff, brilliant children and supportive parents. I’ll see you all soon as Mrs Wright.

Let’s get MUDDY!!

We won the stars last week so decided for our treat we would go to the mud kitchen over at nursery. We had a fantastic and messy we time. We turned into mud monsters as we jumped in the mud, made mud pies and cakes, made a mud water slide and so much more! We have some mud monster photos below so you can see how much fun we had!

Summer Newsletter

A meerkat in the Arctic??

Have you been told about our letter from Micky the Meerkat? He wants us to be geography detectives to find out if he could live in the Arctic. We have started our research looking at the scenery, weather and explorers. We are moving on to features of the Arctic and animals soon but something very exciting happened on Monday 27-4-15. Mr Dunn came and spoke to us about his own Arctic adventure! He showed us his photos and talked about what it was like there, what they had to do to survive and other fun facts. We then got to try on and use some of the kit he used. We could not use it for very long as it got us too hot. What a morning!

 Really...a MEERKAT in the...ARCTIC?

Class 3’s Artic research continues and the we learn about the Arctic we can’t quite believe that Micky the Meerkat wants to move there! We have been learning about Matthew Henson who was an explorer who went to the North Pole and the troubles he had getting there. We have also been looking at the features of the Arctic and its animals. Check out our great work…

Let’s go to the ARCTIC!!!

After all our research we decided to go on an Arctic adventure. We were lead there by Sprouts. We saw even more animals then we had found out about and we also learnt how people travel around the Arctic in a blizzard! We had great fun, but don’t just take my word for it, here are the photos.

Let’s get weighing

We have had great fun weighing this week. Class 3 have really enjoyed investigating weight with the compare scales. They have shown brilliant teamwork all week and Mrs O Hare and I are very proud of them.


Class 3 are really enjoying our new role play. The children voted to have a stage this term so a stage they have got with dressing up bits, wigs, blow up guitars, microphones…you name it, they have got it. Mrs O’Hare has done a brilliant job. Only four children are allowed in at a time so the children decided to become the audience and judges…Britain’s got talent eat your heart out. Check out the photos of our brilliant performers.

Let it grow!

In science we have been learning about how things grow. Why plants are so important to us and the different parts of the plant. We have had lots of fun getting our hands messy while planting, sorting leafs into different categories and exploring what plants we can eat! Yum.

Class 3 and the Chocolate Factory!

Why do world book day when you can have world book WEEK! That is exactly what we did. We threw ourselves into the wonderful world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We explored the text using it to find clues to tell us more about all the different characters. We invented, designed, made and ate our own chocolate. We used the computers to write about our chocolate. We conducted a science experiment to work out how to get the chocolate to melt, (our hands got very messy). We also had a book picnic where we shared our favourite book with other children. We ended the week by giving our parents golden tickets that allowed them entry into the wonderful world of Class 3. The parents shared their favourite children’s book. Thank you to everyone who made this great week possible!