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Foundation Two (Classes 1 and 2)

Welcome to the most magical place in school!

Foundation 2 is the home of the awesome Class 1 and Class 2. We don’t just learn here, we investigate, explore, create and discover. Everyday we have new adventures full of imagination and excitement…did you hear that last year Classes 1 and 2 even found a dragons egg! What will we find this year? Keep your eyes on this page to see our amazing learning achievements.

Summer 2




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We read the story "Little Red Hen Makes Pizza" and then we made our own pizza. It was delicious!!

Summer 1 Newsletter

This half terms adventure....

We loved having eggs in school and were really excited when they hatched. They are very small and soft and if we listen carefully we can hear them...."cheep cheep."


We did it!!!

We managed to run (walk) a whole mile for sports relief. It was hard work but we all crossed the finish line and we were very proud of ourselves.

It’s Party Time!!!

We have been working hard over the last few weeks helping Peter Pan plan a party for Tink. We made and decorated some cakes, using our weighing skills, gross motor skills and pattern skills. We read instructions to make sandwiches for the party (we can now make any one lunch so please just ask). We wrote invites and shopping lists. We also created a dance and played party games. We had the best time!!

Treasure Hunting

A Treasure Hunt

We were very excited to discover a map and a clue in our classroom.....we were going on a treasure hunt! We hoped that Captain Hook wouldn't get there before us and decided that if we saw him we would hide and make a ticking noise, so he would think the crocodile was watching him! Off we went to discover several clues around school. We were brilliant at reading them and they eventually led us to a big red spotty treasure box!

We’ve gone croc crazy!!

One of our favourite characters in Peter Pan is the tick tock croc. We think the crocodile is really funny and we like that he swallowed a clock. Because of this we are having a week dedicated to him! Take a look at all our fun.

Our Next AMAZING Adventure...

We are great at keeping safe!

During Safely week we learnt about all different ways to keep safe at home and at school. We practiced crossing the road in a safe place, we went on an adventure with Little Red Riding Hood to learn about stranger danger, we had a talk from a fireman to find out what to do if there is a fire, we looked at google and we now know what to do if something appears on our screen that we don’t want or know about and finally we learnt how to use and travel around with the equipment in our classroom! We are great at keeping ourselves and others safe!

Tool Boxes!!!

We have had a great half term learning to use the tools of builders, plumbers, hairdressers, police, authors, fashion designers, doctors and many more. Thank you to all the parents who came in to share the tools they use in their job, both children and staff loved hearing about it, (the children really enjoyed it when PC Holmes arrested Mrs Wright). We have also loved learning, retelling, changing and writing the story of The 3 Three Little Pigs. The children have a real idea of what they would like to be when they grow up and we are excited to help them fulfil their dreams (especially those who want to become ice cream men and have promised a cheeky ice cream or two).

This terms adventures...

January Newsletter



We were brilliant in our Christmas production of "The Lost Donkey" and we loved our Christmas celebrations..... what a fantastic way to end our first term in school with a party and a surprise visit from Father Christmas. Did you know that he has a baby reindeer called Phoenix?


We got a visit from Sprouts. She took us to her magical toy factory. We learnt about all the different parts of making a toy and then we added magic to them....they came alive! WOW what a morning!

We have had soooo much fun exploring this half term. We have learnt about characters and settings. Along with more and less, different shapes and positional language! We are amazing!

Class 1 PJ party

We have had a great treat, in the hall in our PJs! Take a look at the fun we had.

Look at all the ways we have been practising our mark making.

This Half Terms ADVENTURES!!

Disney Day!

We like to be in America! O.K. by me in America! Ev'rything free in America! For a small fee in America!

Howdy partners!! Over the next two weeks we are learning all about the USA! We will be trying yummy food, looking at awesome buildings, talking about Disney, listening to music and of course learning how to cheerlead. Below are photos of us making skyscrapers and other American themed learning. We have been teaching the children how to use the cameras and they took most of these…they have done a great job!!

Creepy Crawly FUN!

We went on an adventure to Mrs Cassidy's Garden, our discover anything and everything! We loved looking at the plants and bushes and finding all sorts of insects, webs and even a set of fairy wings! We had a lot of fun on our adventure.

Ready Steady CHOP/SLICE/CUT!

Slimy, slippery juicy.......we looked at fruit and vegetables. Pomegranate, persimmon, beetroot, mango - we chopped them up and explored what we found. We had lots of brilliant words to describe what we found. The classroom smelt pretty good too.

Our Learning Tree…

Our “What we’ve been learning at home” tree has grown some apples! Yay! But we would love to see more. So please if you have learnt to do something new, like putting your shoes on or riding a bike or your first swimming lesson, grab an apple from the basket (next to the door that leads to the car park) and write it down. Then bring it back to school so we can add it to the tree. We are looking forward to reading them.

We are in school. YAY

We are finally grown up enough to come to school and we are loving it! We have enjoyed exploring the classroom, meeting new friends and eating some yummy dinners. Here are some photos to show you some of the things we have got up to so far…