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week 7 13/07/2020


Playing counting games on top marks

English: The Olympics

The Olympic Games were schedule to start on the 23rd of July in Japan.

To celebrate this special event, over the next two weeks, we are going to learn about some sporting events and fun facts about the Olympics.

Everyone - Official Theme Song of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games

New story:

Wombat Wins - Jackie French

Jolly phonics:

Sounds already known: s,a,t,p,i, n, c, e, h, r, m, d, g, o, u, f

New sound: j

"j" - Jolly Phonics

Monday: Listen and sing the jolly rhyme for the sound ‘j’

Tuesday and Wednesday: Look around the house for objects which begin with the sound ‘j’

Thursday and Friday: have a go at writing the letter. Does your name have a ‘j’ in it? Can you think of any words beginning with the sound ‘j’?


Letter and alphabet:

"Alphabet Animals" - ABC Animals Song for Kids


Oral blending is breaking words down into their smallest units of sounds such as b-a-t has 3 sounds and c-ar has two sounds. ... When children learn to read they segment the word into the smallest units of sounds and then blend the sounds together to say the word


Words you can have a go at: Grown ups, say the letters one at a time then ask your little what the word is?

New words to try: j-a-m, j-u-m-p, j-e-t, j-u-g


Initial sound game:

Fine motor skills:

Make an Olympic torch

Gross motor skills:

Just like an Olympian, practice star jumps and running on the spot.


To stay active:

Mr Hoppit the Hare