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To promote our vision of preparing children for tomorrow’s world, and to celebrate the fabulous diversity of our community, we celebrate language of the month. Our families come from a range of cultures and backgrounds and as a multi-cultural school, there are children and adults who speak many different languages. The languages spoken include English, Punjabi, Italian, Polish, Bulgarian, Spanish, Urdu, Afrikaans  Arabic, Cantonese, Telugu, Farsi and Bengali. We also have children who use a sign language called Makaton. There are many reasons we should know about each other’s languages, including the following: -


To show respect for each other’s languages and cultures

To give parents and carers the chance to be actively involved in their children's learning

To broaden the language skills of all the children and staff.

To give bilingual children the opportunity to demonstrate their language skills



 March 2023 


The language of the month is Urdu. 



Official language in: India, Pakistan

Minority language in: South Africa

Spoken by: 70 million (native)

Language family: Hindustani – Indo-Aryan – Indo-Iranian – Indo-European

Writing system: Perso-Arabic (Urdu alphabet)

Fun Fact: The first known book in Urdu is سب رس [Sabras], written in 1635-36 by Mullah Asadullah Wajhi. the book was handwritten.




URDU Powerpoint with key words and phrases