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Class 6

Welcome to Class 6. My name is Miss Gossington and I am the class teacher within Class 6. Our Year 2 teaching assistants are Mrs Smith, Mrs O'Hare, Mrs Knapczyk and Mrs George. I also work closely with Miss Greasley and Mrs Bloom in Class 5.

Take a look at the Spring Term newsletter.

Spring Term 2022

This half term our topic is 'Around the World'. Have a look at our topic web below to see all the exciting things we have planned.  Our brilliant beginnings letter will also give you ideas of how you can help your child make a head start on the topic over the holidays.

Last week class 6 won the stars. We decided for our treat we would like some movie 🎥 time one afternoon. We took a vote to see which one we would all like to watch. The winner with 20 votes was Tom and Jerry. We laughed and enjoyed watching Tom the cat 🐱 chase around Jerry the mouse 🐭

This term  we will be learning all about Pirates!  Have a look at our curriculum web below to see some of the exciting things we will be doing.  Our 'Brilliant Beginnings' letter gives you some ideas of things you can do at home to get a head start on the topic!