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Foundation Stage Curriculum Overview

1st September 2014 

Overview of the Foundation Stage Curriculum

The distinctive purpose of Early Years Foundation Stage education is to build on the rich diversity of opportunities that children have experienced at home and in their wider community. We aim to do this by developing their knowledge and understanding of the world and their place within it. 
We use meaningful, "real life" experiences to develop a broad range of skills, foster positive attitudes towards learning and nurture self-esteem.
A rich environment, both inside and outside, encourages children to make choices supported by caring adults. Structured play is an important element of these experiences. The access children have to both indoor and outdoor learning environments allows them freedom to initiate their own learning from a wide range of carefully selected activities.

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum covers seven important areas of learning. 
These are: Prime areas:
° Personal, Social & Emotional Development 
° Physical Development
° Communication & Language

Specific areas: 
° Literacy
° Mathematics
° Understanding the world
° Expressive Arts & Design