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Spring 2023


F2 have been learning about real life Superheroes in our community. The Fire service visited us and spoke about their roles as Fire Fighters.

Autumn 2022

In Class 4 we wore odd socks for Anti-bullying week and we talked about ways to be kind towards each other. 

This week Class 5 have finished their training on using the 'First Aid for Feelings' tool kit. We have learned about what each of the special items in the first aid kit does and how they can help us to manage our emotions and feelings.

Class 5 spent some time this week thinking about what to do when you fall out with a friend. We talked about strategies we could use to help resolve issues without the intervention of an adult and then discussed options of what to do if they were struggling to resolve problems by themselves. To finish the lesson, we wrote letters to the children in Year 1 to help give them tips on what to do if they have a falling out.

Anti Bullying week 2022 Class 6 spoke kindly to one apple 🍎 then very unkind to the other. We then cut them open to compare. We found that the one we had been unkind to was starting to bruise inside. From this the children understood that words can hurt someone on the inside even if you can’t see this on the outside. We also learnt about the power of words and once said can never be taken back. The children had a challenge to get all the tooth paste they had squirted out the tube back in.