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Foundation Two

Bubble A- Unicorns enjoyed there last day of school by having a party. We played party games,had some party food and the children got to wear there own party clothes to school!

Bubble A - Last day

Bubble A Unicorns have been reading the story The Giant Jam Sandwich in school this week. In the story there are wasps that come to a small village, so the children painted there own 'wasp jackets' and became the wasps recreating parts of the story! Buzz Buzz!

Bubble A - Class 2

Bubble A first day back -

Class 2 Bubble A decided to call themselves "unicorns". They have been having lots of fun back at school. They worked together and created some new bubble rules, planted some vegetables, been creative and have been enjoying time outside.

Bubble A - Unicorns

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Bubble A - Unicorns

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Bubble A - Unicorns

Bubble B - Our first day back. We have had a great day today. We have enjoyed drawing and writing about our new bubble, creating posters, singing songs and playing outside.


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Welcome to the most magical place in school!

Our Foundation Two Unit is the home of the awesome Class 1 and Class 2. We don’t just learn here, we investigate, explore, create and discover. Every day we have new adventures full of imagination and excitement…did you hear that last year Classes 1 and 2 trained up to be part of a pirate crew?


Mrs Henson is the teacher in Class 1 and Miss Young and Mrs Broad share the teaching of Class 2. We also have brilliant teaching assistants, Mrs George, Miss Zullo and Mrs Shepard working within the unit. Feel free to come and talk to any member of the team about your child, we are always happy to help. Also keep your eyes on this page to see our amazing learning achievements because in F2 we make learning child’s play!

Our Foundation Two Staff

September 2019 Newsletter

We are at school...

We have finally arrived at school! Have a look at all the fun things we have got up to so far and keep your eyes pealed for all our future adventures!

Autumn 2019

What makes me, me?

Culture Week: F2 learned all about Romania. Stefan's mum and dad came into school to share Romanian biscuits they baked at home and a story.

Autumn 2019

Where is Space?

We have explored patterns and movements through Bonfire Night. We created an amazing firework dance!

Oh no! A rocket has crash landed in our Unit!

The children have been reading Aliens Love Underpants. They created their own underpants and aliens.

Spring 2020

Do fairy tales always have a happy ending?


In Spring term 2020 we have been exploring the big question "Do fairy tales always have a happy ending?"


The children have loved learning about different fairy tales and what things they all have similar, such as Once upon a time...


We also loved exploring why the gingerbread man had to climb on the foxes back to cross the river by experimenting with different gingerbread men in different liquids.



Thank you for all your brilliant beginning work you have done at home! We have loved seeing great photos of extreme reading, amazing models of castles and eating tasty gingerbread men made by Harry in Class 1!


The Enormous Turnip


We created our own stories based on The Enormous Turnip! We had gigantic apples, humongous strawberries and very large carrots.


Take a look at a few of our story maps!


The Enormous Turnip!

Class 1 and 2 celebrated World book day by designing our very own Fairy tale character T-shirt. Parents came in to share books with the children and we all had a fabulous day.