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Foundation Two (Classes 1 and 2)

Welcome to the most magical place in school!

Foundation 2 is the home of the awesome Class 1 and Class 2. We don’t just learn here, we investigate, explore, create and discover. Everyday we have new adventures full of imagination and excitement…did you hear that last year Classes 1 and 2 even flew off to Neverland to find pirate treasure and get up to mischief with the Lost Boys! Where will our learning will take us this year?  Miss Young, Mrs Doyle, Miss Zullo and Mrs Bowles can't wait to find out! Keep your eyes on this page to see our amazing learning achievements.

Bread Making (and eating!) March 2017

The day we found a toad!

World Book Week - parents story session

January 2017 Newsletter

Find out what we are learning about this half term!

Goodbye….for now!

I would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff, parents and children for my lovely messages of luck on my last day before starting my maternity leave. The whole school has been wonderful but the team in class 1 and 2 have been amazing. A very special thank you for bringing in baby photos for my baby party. Though I didn’t do very well (14 out of 39 right) it was so much fun! I’m looking forward to meeting the newest member of my family but I will miss everyone at Phoenix and I will keeping in touch to find out all the exciting things you’ll be doing. I’ll see you soon! Mrs Wright xx

Culture Week!!

We have had a break from trains this week to learn all about a different country. We have been learning about CANADA! We can now tell you all about the flag, what the country looks like, the animals that live there (watch out for the grizzly bears!) the different sports they play and their musicians. Below are some photos of us learning a folk dance from Canada and going on a Canadian adventure with sprouts, where we flew to Canada to save the top secret maple syrup recipe. 

Our Exploring Continues....

We have had great fun learning about trains so far this term, but we have also been learning about each other, making new friends and trying new things. We are building up all kinds of new exciting skills!! Take a look at what we have been up too. 

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We are in SCHOOL!!

Take a look of some our exploring from the first few days of big school.