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The teaching of English at Phoenix Infant School is aimed to be enjoyable, motivating, accessible and challenging for all. We want it to develop children's love of reading, writing and communication.  At Phoenix, we  ensure we provide a rich, meaningful and engaging environment.  Reading and Writing is encouraged throughout the whole of the curriculum as we strive to inspire a lifelong love of books and Literature. For the teaching of English we us "Ready, Steady, Write" developed by Literacy counts.  All our English lessons are based around high quality texts which provides a rich and varied English heritage and enables all children to access a variety of genres and produce a range of high quality outcomes.  In each unit of writing we follow the teaching sequence of: Immerse, Analyse, Plan and Write.  Each classroom has an English working wall which provides a vital scaffold to support writing.  As each part of the writing process unfolds, the work is collected and added to the writing environment.  The working wall supports all children with writing behaviours and producing their writing outcome.  Children will become reflective writers, assessing their own and others and develop an understanding of the purpose of their writing and the impact word choice and style has on the reader.  

Ready Steady Write Policy

Handwriting document

Little Wandle Letter formation phrases

Summer 2024

Class 6 immersing ourselves in the story of The King Who Banned the Dark. Today we took it in turns to be one the king to try and persuade the rest of the class to dislike the dark. Just like the king 👑 in our story.

Class 4 Immerse into our new text The Secret of Black Rock. The children made predictions about the story.

Spring 24 

Our text this half term is "Where the Wild things are". We began the Immerse sessions exploring objects that appear in the text and spoke about how they could all ink together. We explored vocabulary to describe the forest using all our senses. We moved on exploring noun phrases with a partner to describe the home of the Wild Things.

Year 2 had lots of fun this morning taking a trip to the wild west to find the horse with the golden mane in our drama workshop with Perform


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Year 2 have been learning lots of facts about orangutans in preparation for writing an information text about rainforest animals. Today we took on the roles of nature reporters to teach others about the facts we have learned. Have a look at our reports!

Take a look at some of the great Bog Baby work displayed in year 2 class 6.

What a great way for year 2 to start their learning about Bog Baby. We were a little confused when we came in the classroom Monday morning and found this model and the words.

Autumn 23


We have been reading the story of Rapunzel this half term. We began by exploring parts of the story through role play and freeze frames to help us build up the story sequence and key vocabulary.

In year 1 we have been reading the story "Old Bear". We have been "Wise Owls" and looking for capital letters, full stops, and to join sentences and words to describe feelings within the text. We used role play to think about how the characters in the story would feel at different parts. We used Planning circles to retell the story using pictures and then used the pictures to retell the story using words. During the half term we gathered our ideas onto our working wall to support us with our final write.

In Year 2 our English unit has focused around the book 'A River by Marc Martin'. We have been exploring the text and looking at the different language and vocabulary the author uses. We then planned and wrote our own stories about a character going on a journey.

In Year 2 Class 5 have been learning about our author for this term - Kes Gray. We have been reading lots of his books which are really funny and have written some sentences about him. We have also been looking at rhyming words and rhyming families.

Year 2 Class 6 working with a partner to write apostrophes in the right place.

The Night Gardener in year 2. We looked at various pictures from the book and thought of describing words for each page.