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Foundation One (Nursery)


At Phoenix Nursery we love to explore, investigate and learn through play; both inside and outside. We will add photos and messages to this page to help you see and understand what we have been learning. We hope you enjoy discovering our learning journey!


If you would like to find out more about what Phoenix Nursery is like, and all the exciting adventures we have together please view last years page. To do this please click: Children >>> Class Pages >>> Class Pages Achive 2014-2015 >>>Foundation One (Nursery).

Sports Day!

June 2016 - We might have had a very wet few weeks but we haven't let that stop us having lots of outdoor fun!

April 2016 - Eggs and Chicks!


What a great first week back at Nursery we have had! Phoenix had been sent 15 eggs to look after! We went over to school everyday to look at the eggs and see if anything had changed about them. Then, on Thursday, the eggs started to crack! We were very lucky to be able to see some chicks hatch, and now there are 14 little chicks!! Mrs Harper has asked the Nursery children to take very good care of 7 of the chicks. We thought of some ways to look after them and make sure they stay safe and happy. We have loved looking after them, stroking them and holding them. We wish we could keep them forever!!! 

World Book Week - 'Zog' themed drama session 3/3/16

To help us celebrate World Book Week we took part in a drama session based on one of our favourite stories; 'Zog'. We all went to dragon school where Madame Dragon taught us how to fly, roar, breathe fire, capture princesses and fight knights! Lots of fun!

World Book Week - parents stay to read and play 2/3/16

To celebrate 'World Book Week' we invited our grown-ups to stay for a little while at Nursery. Together we read some of the stories we have been enjoying over the past few weeks and some of the activities that we have been doing to help us with our learning about dragons!

Spring Term Newsletter - February 2016

Chatterbox Challenge Week! 8th - 11th February 2016.


This week, Phoenix Nursery children have been taking part in 'I CAN's' National Chatterbox Challenge! To help raise money for I CAN (a children's speech and language charity - the children have been sponsored to learn 4 songs, which they ended the week by performing to their parents/carers. (See below for videos of the children practicing.) Thank you so much to everyone who sponsored the children, you have helped to raise £322.32!! As well as learning and performing the songs the children have also been taking part in lots of speaking and listening activities to help develop their own speech and language skills. A brilliant end to half term, well done everyone!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Tennis! 5th February 2016

Kung Hei Fat Choy - Happy Chinese New Year - February 2016

Spring Term Newsletter - January 2016

Christmas Party Time!!!!!!!!!!!

Fire Station Visit!


Today we went on an adventure! We left Nursery and walked all the way to Carlton Fire Station! It was a long walk but we really enjoyed looking at all the places and shops we passed along the way. When we got to the fire station we met the Red Watch firefighters. They showed us the different parts of the fire engine and told us what they use them all for. We then all got to sit in the fire engine!  After that we went outside and the firefighters showed us how they get the water out of the ground. Everyone then had a go using the hose pipe. We then had to say goodbye and thank you to everyone at the fire station and walk back to Nursery. What a great day!


Did you know...

A fire engine has 4 ladders on the top...

Firefighters are not allowed to slide down the pole anymore...

The fire engine has a kettle so that the firefighters can make a cup of tea...

5 firefighters go on the fire engine...



Culture Week - We are learning about France! 19th - 23rd October 2015




This week has been 'Culture Week' at Phoenix. Every class has been learning about a different country, and in Nursery we have been learning about France. We have really enjoyed finding out about a really tall tower in France called the Eiffel Tower. It looks so big on the photos we saw of it! We all worked really hard to build our own towers and had to build very carefully so that they didn't fall over!!


We looked at a painting by a french artist called Paul Cezanne and then tried to copy it. Our teachers couldn't believe how fantastic our artwork is!!


We also learnt about a famous bike race in France called the Tour De France. We watched a video of it and saw lots of bikes, people wearing helmets (we now know this is to keep their heads safe incase they fall of their bikes), and a men in a yellow jersey (we now know this means he was the winner!). We then went outside and had our very own Tour De Phoenix race! We were really fast and enjoyed cheering for our friends!


We learnt the story of Little Red Riding Hood (this was originally written by a French man called Charles Perrault) and became fantastic story tellers!


What a busy week! 


Au revoir!

Culture Week - We are learning about France!

Still image for this video
The afternoon children have been singing the french song Frere Jacques!

Culture Week - We are learning about France!

Look at all the different types of mark making (early writing) we did in just 1 week! 21st-25th September

Our First Week at Phoenix Nursery - September 2015

Nursery timetable - Autumn 1 2015 - here is copy of the timetable/routine we will be basing our learning days around during our first half term

September 2015 Nursery Newsletter