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Welcome to NURSERY!

This is a magical place that is full of exploring, fun and learning. You might have heard about when lots of farm animals came to visit us or when we found Cinderella's slipper? We are so pleased that you are coming on our adventure with us! 


Ms Young is key worker with the caterpillar group on Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Wright takes over for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Mrs Betts is the key worker for the butterfly group Monday to Thursday and then Mrs Richardson takes over on Friday. Though your child will have a key worker the entire nursery team gets to know all the children and are happy to help all families in any way we can. 


Keep your eyes on this page as photos of all the amazing things we are doing will be uploaded regularly. These photos are great to share with your child as a prompt to tell the family all about their week. Also there is a "meet the team section" at the bottom of this page.

This half term is all about....

Our Families!

We are going to be learning all about our families. We think this will be a lovely way to get to know the children and the people they love. We also will be learning though all families are different the love between them is the same! 
To kick start our topic here is our Brilliant Beginnings letter. Your child will be given a paper copy of this on their first day with us also. Happy reading!
Meet the team...
Hi, I'm Ms Young...

Hi, I am Mrs Wright and I work on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. When I am in school I love to tell stories, play in the role play, make cakes in the dough and have fun in the water. When I am at home I enjoy singing and making mud pies in the woods. I really like going to the seaside but most of all I am a HUGE Disney fan! 

I cant wait to find out what you all love to do....

Hi, I'm Mrs Betts...
Hi I'm Mrs Richardson