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Autumn Term

Welcome to NURSERY!

This is a magical place that is full of exploring, fun and learning. You might have heard about when lots of farm animals came to visit us or when we found Cinderella's slipper or how about when a rocket landed in our playground? We are so pleased that you are coming on our adventure with us! 


Ms Young is key worker with the caterpillar group on Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Wright takes over for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Mrs Betts is the key worker for the butterfly group Monday to Thursday and then Mrs Richardson takes over on Friday. Though your child will have a key worker the entire nursery team gets to know all the children and are happy to help all families in any way we can. 


Keep your eyes on this page as photos of all the amazing things we are doing will be uploaded regularly. These photos are great to share with your child as a prompt to tell the family all about their week. Also there is a "meet the team section" at the bottom of this page.

This half term is all about...

How does it move?

We are going to be looking at people, animals and different types of transport. Does it have legs, wheels or wings? We will also be experimenting with push and pull forces.  

This week we have been all about teamwork! Children have loved playing games all together or in smaller groups. Some they have created themselves and some the adults have shown them. Its been loads of fun. (This week has also been about Christmas jumpers and dressing up, what's not to love)

We have really enjoyed reading " Little Rabbit Foo Foo" and having Mr Dunn bring in his scooter for us to look at. We also have been making some very special things to bring home but can't say anymore....its a surprise!

We love our Friday afternoons and Mrs Richardsons parachute sessions. They are great for gross motor development, listening skills as well as teamwork, but most importantly it's loads of fun!

Week beginning 23rd November

WOW what a week!! We have loved making trains this week! Creating a huge train for nursery and painting it. We also have new climbing equipment that we have been experimenting with. 

Side note- Mrs Wright would like to say thank you for everyone's support on Wednesday. Her little girl had a cough and a temperature so the whole family isolated waiting the results of the covid 19 test. All clear, but she is so grateful for everyone who supported the school on Wednesday. Thank you.

Week Beginning 16th November

We have had so much fun messing about in boats this week! With some superhero fun thrown in. We also found time to work together and rescue a cat (soft toy) stuck on our roof. great team work! 

Week beginning 9th November...

Ohhhh its suddenly got cold! But that hasn't stopped nursery children having a fab week! We have been learning about remembrance day, supporting children in need and learning all about forces (pushes and pulls). We have had a lovely week :) 

Children in Need

Friday the 13th we have been raising money for children in need and having lots of fun along the way.

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month

When the guns fell silent, we will remember.


Nursery took part of the 2 minute silence today after talking about poppys and why they are special today. They were amazing.

This half term is all about....

Our Families!

We are going to be learning all about our families. We think this will be a lovely way to get to know the children and the people they love. We also will be learning though all families are different the love between them is the same! 
To kick start our topic here is our Brilliant Beginnings letter. Your child will be given a paper copy of this on their first day with us also. Happy reading!
Week beginning 12th October...... Culture Week: We have been learning about Bulgarian traditions and culture. We made some flags, belts and Martenitsa a special little doll that can be worn and is given to a friend at the beginning of spring. We also learnt a traditional dance.

Week beginning 28th September.... We have been loving the outside this week, especially the "muddy hill", this area really allows the children to explore nature and take risks in a safe environment. We have also been telling the story of "Peace at Last".

Week beginning 21st September... Another great week. All the new children have joined us now and settled brilliantly. We are all getting to know each other and making some lovely new friendships. We have been reading Owl Babies this week and we made our own owls. We also talked about the size of the owls which let to the children wanting to be measured.

On rainy days sometimes we just need to DANCE!

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Sorry this is the wrong way round

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Week Beginning 14th September...

This week we have been making new friends and telling them all about our families. We also have been reading stories by our author, Jill Murphy. We have really enjoyed reading The Large Family stories, especially "A Piece of Cake". The children really enjoyed Fridays activity....I wonder why??

We are back!!!!

An amazing first week back after what can only be described as a crazy few months! The children have loved being back in nursery. They have been playing beautifully with each other, sharing and using lots of wonderful manners. They are a credit to all you parents and carers! Our author this term is Jill Murphy. This week we have read "Whatever Next" and enjoyed making our own rockets to take us to the moon, as well as lots of other really fun things. Take a look....

Meet the team...
Hi I’m Miss Young
I work on a Monday and Tuesday. When I’m at nursery I love to sing! I also like to read and tell stories.  I prefer to be outdoors which I’m sure lots of you do too and I’m really looking forward to making our new outdoor area interesting and fun for you to explore. 
When I’m at home I like to be outdoors especially in my garden where I grow vegetables and flowers and look for fairies (but I need to be careful that my mischievous cat doesn’t catch them!) 
I’m really looking forward to being back in nursery and getting to know all of you and what you like to do. 

Hi, I am Mrs Wright and I work on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. When I am in school I love to tell stories, play in the role play, make cakes in the dough and have fun in the water.

When I am at home I enjoy singing, dancing, water fights and making mud pies in the woods. I really like going to the seaside but most of all I am a HUGE Disney fan! 

I cant wait to find out what you all love to do....

Hi, I'm Mrs Betts...
Hi I'm Mrs Richardson

Musical chairs take 2...we loved it that much

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Party number 2.... Our new dance move....the washing machine!

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Pass the parcel...

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Musical chairs

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Santa Claus is coming to town!!!!!

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