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Farrell Treacy

Tomorrow we are very excited to be hosting Farrell Treacy at Phoenix. He will lead an assembly, deliver question and answers sessions with the children and also workshops. The day is all about giving our children opportunities to be inspired!

The company ‘Inspired Through Sport’ are working with us to give the children this opportunity. They work hard to raise the profile of sport and also provide funding for aspiring athletes to compete. There is therefore an option to sponsor your child. However, you do not have to bring in any sponsorship - the option is there is you would like too. All children will take part regardless and all children will receive a certificate to say they have participated. Any other prizes through sponsorship are sent separately after the event and therefore each child will not be aware of other childrens’ sponsorship amounts or prizes. This is a new venture for Phoenix and the main driver of the event is enthusing and exciting our children about sport and the many different sporting opportunities.

We hope that your children come home tomorrow evening discussing the athlete visit and feeling inspired. We will add an update tomorrow with photographs.