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Year 1 Art.We have been looking at hot and cold colours.We used our skills of paint mixing with powder paint to make a hot colour chart and a cold colour chart.

We moved onto creating beautiful cold and hot pictures using the knowledge of hot and cold colours.We cut out silhouettes of trees and cactus for each environment.

We used clay which we moulded into animals which either live in hot or cold habitats.We made whales,polar bears,lizards,lions ,lots of different animals

Look at Year 2 Art.We have an art lesson every Wednesday with Mrs O'Hare this term we started of by learning about the famous artist Lowry.We discovered that he lived and painted pictures of Manchester.We created our own Lowry masterpieces we spent time drawing figures just like Lowry then moved onto painting the Manchester backgrounds using the same colour paints that Lowry used take a look

We have an amazing book in school called the Lost Words we used this in our art lessons.The art work in the book shows beautiful paintings of nature by Jackie Morris.We used watercolours to create our own watercolour masterpieces.

In History we have been learning about Space we linked this through art and produced some pictures that are out of this world !!!! We used different paint techniques ,wax crayons,oil,pastels,chalk and glitter take a look.

We got messy!! we have started to create hot air balloons with paper mache .

Today class 6 were learning about the bible story of A Tale of Two Houses. We read the story together about the man who built his house on the rock and the sand. From this we learnt a song and decided on actions to match the words.

Music today in class 6 we played along to a song about The Loch Ness Monster and a song about the Giants Causeway. We know both of these as stories as we learnt about them in Culture Week.

Using a variety of instruments, the nursery children enjoyed taping the beat to the 'Harry and his bucketful of Dinosaur' song. 

During music Class 4 have been practising keeping to a beat in time with the song Mister Mister Macarella.

Class 6 have been learning about the story of ' We are all wonders'. This is a lovely story about Auggie who feels different to all his friends and people around him. We wrote some questions that we would like to ask Auggie then some of us got into the role of Auggie to answer the questions.

Class 6 in music listened and performed a song called If you are feeling blue. We spoke about what the song meant and why the actions and sounds were suitable for the topic of feeling blue. Class 6 then had a challenge to think of their own song about a feeling or something they like to do. This was in the tune of the song we learnt. Take a look at some of our lyrics.

Class 6 have started to learn all about the artist L S Lowry. They have drawn people in the same style. The children know all about him and have seen many of his pictures. They will continue to learn about him over the next few weeks.

Class 6 worked very hard to produce some Remembrance day wreaths in art. Take a look at them up on display in the classroom.

The Arts Policy September 2019

For Culture Week Class 6 have been learning all about the United Kingdom. We know that in Wales they like dragons and that this is part of their flag. We made our own dragons using clay. We also made flags for Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.