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 Teaching Science offers students opportunity to increase their overall understanding of how and why things work. Science teaches children about the  world around them. This knowledge can be used to understand new concepts, make informed decisions and pursue new interests. Through building up a body of key foundational knowledge and concepts, pupils are encouraged to recognise the power of explanation and develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about science. The curriculum is designed to ensure that children are able to acquire scientific knowledge through practical experiences , conducting experiments and explaining concepts confidently. 



Science Policy

Class 6 investigated the best way to wash our hands as part of our humans and animals topic. We used tea to demonstrate the 🦠 germs on our hands. For one attempt only cold water was used. On the second attempt cold water with some soap. The final attempt we tried warm water and soap. We found that the best way to remove the tea was the warm water and soap as for this one no tea was left on the hands at all.

In Class 4 we have been learning all about different types of materials and their properties. We did an experiment to see which material would be the most suitable for an umbrella. The material needed to be waterproof and strong. We made predictions and then tested different materials. Take a look at the photographs. 

Class 4 have been learning all about different seasons. We went into Mrs Cassidy's garden to look for signs of Autumn. We have also been observing the different types of weather in Autumn.

In Class 4 we have been learning the names of common plants. 

Class 4 - Discovering plants