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F1 Spring 2... Let the growing begin!

Year 2 today went outside today to build a microhabitat. Look at us in action. We are going to go back into the garden in the Spring term and see if anyone is living in our habitats.

In Spring 1 , year 2 have been learning about animals and their habitats. We did a mind map at the start of our topic to see what we thought we already knew. From that each week we have looked at different habitats and the animals that might live there.

In spring 1 in Nursery we have done lots of experiments with water and snow (it snowed alot). We tested out theories and tried lots of different approaches to problems we encounter.

In F2 we have been exploring the world around us. We have been thinking about what is changing outside as well as what we can see and hear and feel when we are outside.

Class 5 have been learning all about keeping healthy and designed and made our own healthy pasta salad. We really enjoyed making them...and eating them too!

In nursery we are trying to answer the question "how does it move?". We will be looking at forces push and pull but we started looking at our own body and learnt about our skeleton.

As part of our Healthy Living topic Class 6 designed a healthy pasta salad. We then had the opportunity this week to make our salads and evaluate them. Take a look at us in action.

Class 4 children have been sorting materials