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Relationship and Health Education including Well Being

In summer 2 in Nursery we are focussing on the transition from Nursery to big school! We are talking about what we have enjoyed about Nursery, what we are looking forward too with school, any worries or questions along with other activities.

In year 2 , for Children’s Mental Health Week the theme was to express yourself. We first of all thought about what makes us all unique and all about us. We know we are all different and we know that that is what makes the world a great place to be. We then thought about ways that we can express who we are. We decided that we do this by the clothes we wear and what we like to do in our free time like paint a picture or play a sport. To end the week we thought about what we can do to look after ourselves on the inside and outside.

In nursery, for Children's Mental Health Week, we read "The Bad Tempered Ladybird". We then made ourselves into ladybirds and talked about the things that make us grumpy. We then painted a happy self portrait and talked about the things that made us happy.

During the first half of Spring Term in F2 we have been exploring emotions and feelings. We have looked at mood monsters and how their colours reflect their feelings. We looked at what makes us happy and then made feeling jars following the story the colour monster.

This week in growth mindset we were thinking about being a good learner at school. We looked at a girl called Sara and how she is in school. We worked in small groups to decide how and what she could do to improve and develop a growth mindset

Key stage one were very lucky to have a special assembly this week from NED. NED's mindset mission was a live assembly performance using drama and tricks with a yoyo to teach the children the benefits of a growth mindset.

In First Aid for feelings this week class 6 thought about how and why it is important to say the words 'Sorry'. We then looked at a story book all about this too.

Year 2 have been learning all about the Story Silly Billy this week. This book is about a little boy called Billy who has a lot of worries on his mind. To make him feel better his grandma introduces him to the idea of a worry doll. You tell your worries to the doll and put it under your pillow before you go to sleep. You can then sleep like a log. We made our own worry dolls. Take a look at us in action

This week class 6 were learning all about the emotion anger. We shared some times when we have felt this way. We now know what we can do if we are ever feeling like this. We listened to the story book of The Red Beast.

Class 6 have been learning all about First Aid for Feelings today. We played a listening and team building game for our circle time. We were introduced to the Worry Muncher and we now know how to use him if we want to share a worry. We have named him Mr Snuggles. Some of us shared a worry that we have had and we now know that we all have worries sometimes and some of them are the same. We listened to a story called The Huge Bag of Worries.