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Next Level Sport who deliver our after school sports clubs, have teamed up with Gedling School Games to deliver a Virtual Games Event! This event gives children an opportunity to compete against their household, providing a level playing field and an opportunity for children to ultimately out perform their parents and be crowned the winner. Guidance and more information can be found in the documents below. It would be great to have as many Phoenix children as possible take part. Please submit results to

Below is an Active Calendar for the month of June.

The Joy of Moving Home School Festival. As you are aware we had a visit from Nottingham Forest Football Club earlier in the year. The club is supported by a national charity called the English Football League Trust. This Trust has launched The Joy of Moving Festival which can be done both at home and school. The aim is to teach children how to enjoy moving through play and help them develop positive habits into adulthood. The booklet contains information about how children can participate in the festival at home. We hope that lots of children are able to join in. Please email any photographs to the office as we would love to see them. Have fun keeping active!

PE Passport is a resource that we use in school. Click on the link to find a selection of videos, activities and ideas that they have put together to give you some different ways to stay active with your child at home. 

It is important to stay active each day. Here is a PE calendar for the month of May with active challenges to complete. Have fun staying healthy!

Home Learning PE links

Websites for free active learning

Physical Education Policy September 2019

Year 2 Swimming - Lesson 1

We know how much the Year 2 children are missing their weekly swimming lesson so here is Mrs Smith's first lesson during social distancing...enjoy!

Year 2 -Swimming Lesson 2 with Mrs Smith

Weekly swimming lessons during closure. Remember to always have an adult with you near water

Year 2 Swimming Lesson - Week 3 with Mrs Smith

Swimming Lesson 4 with Mrs Smith

Water Safety this week. Please send your posters to

Swimming Lesson Week 5

Mrs Smith continues the swimming lessons with a water safety theme

During the first half of Autumn term, Year 1 and 2 have been practising movement and ball skills.

To celebrate the Rugby World Cup we completed Rugby challenges. Each class worked as a team to compete against each other to collect points. The challenges included: passing the ball backwards between every member of the class as quickly as we could, counting how many passes we could make in a relay in three minutes, and how many tries and conversions each class could score in three minutes. We all followed the Rugby Core Values which are: Sportsmanship, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Teamwork.

During the second half of the Autumn term, Year 1 and 2 have been doing gymnastics. They have been balancing, travelling across equipment in creative ways, jumping and rolling.

In the lead up to Children in Need we learnt exercise moves from Joe Wicks. On the Friday the whole school went into the hall and followed a live fitness circuit led by Joe Wicks.

Year 1 and 2 have been using the big apparatus in PE.

Year 1 have started the Spring Term by practising movement skills. They found ways to move balancing a beanbag on their heads, shoulders and back of their necks.

Circuit training with class 6 today. They worked really hard and showed great determination especially balancing a ball while going round cones.

Key Stage 1 have been practising symmetrical and asymmetrical point balances. They worked individually and with a partner.

Nursery have been moving around the hall pretending to be different dinosaurs.

FS2 have been learning how to balance and perform jumps and rolls in Gymnastics

We had a very exciting visit from Nottingham Forest Football Club! They talked to use about 'Dreaming Big' in order to reach our goals. We got to see the European Cup and met the mascot Robin Hood. We then wrote about what we would like to achieve and how we dream big. We hope to have some of our writing published in the match fixtures.

Sports Relief. Each class was split into groups and undertook timed challenges. Children raised money by wearing sports clothing to school.