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Physical Education

At Phoenix we value the importance of PE and understand the positive impact exercise and activity has children's health and well being.  We teach fun, engaging and energetic sessions on a weekly basis.  These sessions are carefully planned to develop the children's skills, building on the learning from the previous year.  

At the start of the Spring term year 2 started their weekly swimming lessons. We had some children not wanting to get their face wet or confident to blow bubbles. But all the children preserved and have made amazing progress. Well done to everyone in class 5 and 6.

Last PE session for class 5 and 6 today. For a change we thought we would try a fun game of rounders. Great team work from all but especially in class 6 who won with a score of 4-2.

To celebrate the euros and to get into the football spirit Class 6 this week have been working on their teamwork and ball skills. Take a look at us in action.

Nursery children loved taking part in the schools Euros challenge!

Year 2 had such fun during our sports afternoon today! The children all did so well and tried so hard in all of their races! Check us out in action below!

On the 15th June Nursery held our sports day and we had sooooo much fun!!

Since September Fridays in nursery have been all about parachute and lycra. We have learnt lots of different games in that time. More recently children have suggested how to modify the games with their own ideas. These activities help to develop gross motor skills in their arms, learning, understanding and modifying games with rules as well as listening and teamwork skills. But most important of is so much fun!

Nursery has had so much fun this half term, with climbing, racing and developing our fine motor with buttering hot cross buns!

In spring 1 in nursery we have been building our muscles for our fine motor development. This has included dough disco, threading, painting and cutting.

Year 2 have been exploring different ways of moving on the big apparatus in gymnastics. Have a look at us in action!

In F1 we love our Friday afternoons and Mrs Richardsons parachute sessions. They are great for gross motor development, listening skills as well as teamwork, but most importantly it's loads of fun!

F1 has new climbing equipment!! We are learning to put it together ourselves and how to change it around safely to give us new challenges.

In Gymnastics, Class 4 have been learning to create symmetrical shapes.

Class 5 have been learning how to dibble and pass a basketball using over head, chest and bounce passes. We then started to incorporate these skills into a team game of bench ball using tackling and defending. We had great fun!

In F2 we joined in with Joe Wicks for Children in Need

Class 5 joined in with the final part of Joe Wick's 24 hour exercise challenge for Children in Need today!

Class 3 have been learning all about balancing in PE. We were able to demonstrate different poses and show great agility and coordination.

In F2 we have creating Circus dances

Class 6 have been working very hard this week in PE doing circuit training. It was hard work and we had to spend a whole 3 minutes on our activity. This got our hearts racing and made us very warm. Take a look at us in action.

Class 6 were using their knowledge about pirates to dance and move their bodies to some pirate music. Take a look at us in action.

Year 2 have been learning the proper techniques for jumping. They worked their way around a circuit of different equipment to practise their skills.

Year 1 have been learning about the fundamentals of movement this term. This lesson was focusing on balancing, hopping and jumping. The children were really good at holding their balances and finding a path across the hall using all the different equipment.

In F1 we have PE sessions but we also have equipment out everyday to develop the childrens gross motor and fine motor skills. In the photos below we are taking part in a PE session where we were thinking about different ways we can move based on animals, can you guess what animals we were?

Here are a few things we have had out in nursery to develop their PE skills.