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Phoenix Chick Diary

20/4/21 Take a look at our latest arrivals...! 16 eggs, warm and cosy in the incubator, ready to hatch!

Already we have noticed a crack in one of the shells - this is know as 'Pipping' as the tiny chick breaks a small hole in the egg using its egg tooth. It can still take 24 hours for the chick to hatch. We will be watching very carefully and posting pictures onto the website as well as on Tapestry and Seesaw. 

The chicks were so excited to be part of fabulous Phoenix that 4 hatched overnight! 

We now have 14 chicks! They are being moved over to their new home called a 'brooder box'. This has a special lamp inside to keep the chicks warm. It also has some water and food for them. The chicks like to stay together in groups- they get lonely on their own.

The chicks have been looked after by Mrs George and Mrs Anderton over the weekend. They are growing quickly and you can see the start of some feathers growing on the wings.

The chicks enjoying their weekend...