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Have a look at the links below to show how Maths is taught, assessed and how you can help your child at home.

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During Nursery's sports days we also took to opportunity to learn how to tally to work out the winning team.

Today in class 6 we are still working on fractions. We worked together to count up by a half.

Class 6 are learning all about fractions at the moment. We are great at recognising a half , quarter and thirds. Today we were looking at equivalent fractions. We found out that a half is equal to 2 quarters. Take a look at us in action.

In summer 1 we are looking at shape in nursery.

In Year 1 in the first half of the spring term, we have developed our knowledge of the part-whole model, number bonds, counting on from 10 using 10 frames. 

Spring 2 started with a bang in nursery. A beanstalk grew and we found giants foots prints. We then measured our feet against the giants. We used mathematical language, our own steps and unifix to help us measure.

In Spring 1 Nursery children have been learning all about the numbers 1-5. We have been having lots of fun with this both at home and at school.

In Year 2 we have been learning about shapes and today we had great fun exploring how to make different 2d shapes using the geoboards and elastic bands.

We have been learning addition in class 3. We worked together to solve addition word problems and wrote number sentences.

In F2 we love using Numicon. We have been making Numicon sandwiches to show different ways of making 3 and we have been making different arrangements with the tiles.

Class 3 have been exploring number bonds in maths using double sided counters. We had a go at making number bonds to 5 and then practised number bonds to 10.

To finish our topic on families in F1, children drew all the people in their family, counted them and then said how many there were in total. We used our "careful counting" skills.

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Class 6 have been learning about counting in steps of 5 and 3. We recapped counting in 5s from year 1 and made a great effort with counting in 3s for the first time. We worked together to order these numbers on our working wall. Take a look at how we got on.

The wonderful thing about Nursery is we are able to follow the children's interests in the very moment it is happening. One afternoon two children were talking about height and trying to measure themselves on the wall, so we made a height chart in the classroom and all the children wanted to be measured. Then a child found a tape measure and we decided to see how tall we were in cm and if the wall chart was right.

In nursery we use our environment to help encourage use of mathematics vocabulary and problem solving.

Class 5 have been partitioning two digit numbers into tens and ones. We have used bead strings to show our understanding of place value. We have also been drawing tens and ones in part whole models on our whiteboards for different 2 digit numbers.

Class 6 have been busy this week learning all about Place Value. We have a good understanding of tens and ones. Take a look at our sorting activity on our working wall.