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Take a look at the Powerpoint shown at our Maths Meeting for parents

Caluculation Policy

Ways to support your child at home from Foundation Stage to Year 2

Today year 2 have been looking at a range of real life objects and naming the object as a 3D shape.

We are holding a Maths Information Information evening for parents across the school.

Year 2 have been doing lots of practical activities throughout our learning on 2D shape

In class 6 we have started a brand new topic on division. We worked with a partner today to divide cubes into equal groups and show this as a number sentence. Take a look at us in action

January 2020. Class 4 have been learning about place value. They made teen numbers using Numicon and place value cards.

Class 4 started term by counting to 20, finding one more and one less and ordering numbers smallest to greatest