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Humanities inc RE Policy September 2019

Geography - To start our topic work in Class 4 we had a visit from Mr Dunn who has explored the Arctic! He brought in all of the equipment that he took with him to show us. Some of us were even able to try some of it on!

Geography - Class 6 displaying their work about the United Kingdom.

On Remembrance Day, Mr Dunn came in to talk to Year 2 about his time in the Falklands, where he was a soldier that fought to bring peace.

Class 4 have been learning about Toys. We had a chance to explore and play with some toys from the past.

Culture week has started for class 6. We are learning about the United Kingdom. We know some facts about each place and have drawn the flags. We tried a range of foods from the UK. We enjoyed most of them but shortbread was the most popular.

Continuing our learning about the United Kingdom class 6 had the opportunity this afternoon to make their very own shortbread biscuits. We decided that after the food tasting lesson on Tuesday that they are so yummy we should make some. Take a look at us in action.

Class 4 learnt about Italy as part of Culture Week. We tasted Italian foods, made Italian flags, learned some Italian words, learned about some Italian landmarks and made Leaning Tower of Pisas.

Geography- Australia in Nursery
We have been learning all about Australia, the animals that live there and how to play the didgeridoo. 

Class 6 displaying some of their amazing work about The Great Fire of London.