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At Phoenix Infant School the teaching of history is stimulating and exciting. The curriculum has been designed to enable children to have a hands on experience and gain an appreciation for what life was like in the past. The aim is for children to develop an understanding of historical events and past figures to better help them understand how things have changed over time. 

What a fabulous first school trip for class 6 at East Midlands Airport. This was a great way to finish our topic Up , up and away. We had a tour of the departure lounge and got to see what checks need to happen to board a plane. We made our own passports and took part in a quiz all about the airport. We used our experience of being in the airport to apply this within a role play area, just like the departure lounge. We then visited the aero park to see lots of different aircraft. While we were here, lots of planes were landing on the runway.

Year 2 have had great fun being pirates today as a fabulous finish to our pirate topic! We have been out on the playground to walk the plank, play pirate games and learn a pirate shanty. We’ve written letters in a bottle, designed our own pirate flag and cracked pirate codes to find secret messages and pictures! Have a look at us in action!

Today Mr Dunn came in to talk to year 2 about Remembrance Day. We learnt about why we wear poppies on this day and how we show respect for all those brave men and women by holding a 2 minutes silence. Mr Dunn fought in the Falklands war and showed us photos and lots of items from his kit bank then to help him survive. It was an interesting afternoon and we listened well to the discussion and answers to all our questions too.

Class 6 have been learning all about Pirates this half term. We have looked at pirate vocabulary and the parts of the ship. Within art we created our own treasure maps with the help of tea bags. We also know lots of facts about the notorious pirate Blackbeard. Take a look at some of the work on the display in our classroom.

Year 1 have started their Toys topic in history. Class 3 were visited by Partake and got a chance to have a look at and learn about a variety old and new toys. We had so much fun and loved getting to play with all sorts of toys. Have a look below.

Year 2 had a great morning learning about Pirates with the Partake Theatre Company. We learnt some new vocabulary and now know what it would feel like to be on a pirate ship. Take a look at us in action.