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Growth Mindset

In growth mindset today class 6 were thinking about what might happen while we are learning to make us go in the Deep Dark Learning hole!!!!! After a story and some discussion we now know that this can actually be a good thing. As being in the hole will challenge us and help our growth mindset to develop even more.

Class 6 were thinking today about making mistakes and how we can feel when we are stuck. We called this a deep dark hole. We came up with our own ideas about what we could do if we need help. Also what we could picture instead of a deep dark hole.

Class 4 read the book 'The Dot.' It was about a girl who didn't like art and thought she couldn't draw. After seeing a piece of her art work on display she thought 'I can do better than that!' The girl tried hard with her drawings and changed her mindest. By the end of the book she had drawn many different dots which were on display in the school art exhibition. In class we all painted our own dots.