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It was lovely for year 1 to go on our local area walk. We saw different types of houses and buildings that we have been learning about. A very exciting time for all the children.

Our brilliant beginning for our topic All around the world. We turned part of our classroom in class 6 into an airport and also a travel agent. Take a look at what we got up to on our role play afternoon 🧳👙🩱🌞✈️⛱🏖🏜

This week class 6 were learning all about what a continent is. We learnt a song to help us remember all 7. We then had to work with a partner to sort a jigsaw to put them together with labels.

Around the World at Phoenix… 


Week commencing 1st November has been a whole school cross curricular week with a geography focus. Each class studied a different country to develop an understanding and celebrate our diverse World.  On Monday 8th November the children will celebrate their previous week’s learning with a short presentation by every class to the rest of the school and can dress in the colours of the flag of the country they studied.  Take a look below for each classes’ information. (Do not worry if you do not have all the appropriate colours- the overall effect will still be great if your child wears one of the colours)


Nursery India (orange, white and green)

F2 (Classes 1 and 2) – Poland (white and red)

Class 3- Armenia (red, blue,and orange)

Class 4 – Italy (green, white, red)

Class 5 – Pakistan (white and green)

Class 6 – Greece (blue and white)



Culture Week Assembly. To finish Culture Week, we had a whole school assembly where each class presented their learning about the country they had been studying. We all found out so much about each classes country.

Class 5 have been learning all about Pakistan. We looked at where it is in the world and placed it on a map. We made flags. We tasted food. We looked at the climate and what animals live there. Daain in our class is from Pakistan so we were very excited when he and his mum gave a talk about Pakistan and brought in some traditional clothes for us to look at and some traditional food that taste that was yummy!

Class 3 have loved learning about Armenia. We have made the Armenian flag, learned about what the colours mean and painted pictures based on the drawings of Aivazovsky. We answered the register in Armenian (good morning is pari lewis). Armenia is famous for its Cathedrals and we had a go as a class at making a sculpture of the famous Yerevan Cathedral. We have had lots of fun! Have a look at the pictures below.

    Class 6 have been learning all about Greece during culture week. We looked at where Greece is on a map and made flags. We used the chrome books to research about Greece. We found out that they were the first country to invent the yo- yo and an alarm clock. We tasted lots of different Greek food and voted for which one was our favourite. We listened to two Greek myths. Theseus and the Minotaur and Perseus and Medusa. To end our week we had a visit from the company Ellenismos Greek Dancing. We had lots of fun! Take a look at our photographs below.

Class 4 have been learning all about Italy during culture week. We looked at where Italy is on a map and we found out the capital city is called Rome. We made Italian flags. We tasted lots of different Italian food and wrote which one was our favourite. We also made leaning towers of Pisa and Venetian masks. We learned about the Italian artist Michelangelo and we had a go at drawing under the table to see how he painted the ceiling of the Vatican in Rome. We have had lots of fun! Take a look at our photographs below.

The teaching of geography at Phoenix Infant School is designed to provide children with knowledge and understanding of their local area, the United Kingdom and the wider world. Through a broad range of topics the aim is for children to develop a curiosity and wonder about the world that will last a lifetime.

Geography Policy