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The teaching of English at Phoenix Infant School is enjoyable, motivating and challenging.  We teach basic skills and ensure we provide a rich, meaningful and engaging environment.  Reading and Writing is encouraged throughout the whole of the curriculum as we strive to inspire a lifelong love of books and Literature.  Below are the current policies for English and explain further how Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening and Phonics are taught throughout The School.

Class 4 - World Book Day

Class 4 enjoyed dressing up on World Book Day. We brought in our favourite books, wrote about our favourite character and we made book marks. 

Class 5 have really enjoyed celebrating World Book Day today! Have a look at our fantastic costumes below! We have read lots of different stories together and spent time telling each other about our favourite books and why we like them. We also had some special visitors this afternoon as some firefighters came to listen to us read! They were very impressed with our reading skills and the children loved having someone special to read to!

World 🌎 book day in class 6. We looked at the book Chalk by Bill Thomson. From this we created our own chalk pictures of what we would want to come alive. We really enjoyed this book even though there are no words, just fabulous illustrations.

In Class 3 our author is Tom Fletcher and we have really enjoyed reading his books! They are really funny, interactive and we love joining in with the actions as we read the them. We have had a go at creating and describing our own aliens after reading 'There's an alien in your book'.

In Class 4 our author that we have been learning about is Colin McNaughton. We read lots of his books, shared our favourite parts of each book and wrote a book review. 

In our English lessons in Class 4 we have read the story Paper Planes. We made our own paper planes and flew them outside thinking of lots of words to describe how they flew in the air.  We planned and wrote our own friendship story similar to the one we read.

In Class 5 our author is Kes Gray. We have read lots of different books read by Kes Gray and made up our own rhyming sentences in the style of 'Oi Frog'. We are really enjoying reading 'Daisy and the Trouble with Vampires' during fruit and milk times at the moment!

It was author week in Class 6 last week. This term we are reading and enjoying poems and stories by the very funny and talented Michael Rosen. Chocolate cake is a favourite with most of Class 6.

The book we have focused on this half term in class 3 is 'Paper Planes' by Jim Helmore. We really enjoyed reading the story and even had a go at making our own paper planes! We loved planning and writing our own stories based on the book. Have a look.

This half term in year 2 , class 6 we have been looking at the book A River by Marc Martin. We thought of questions we have from looking at the pictures in the book. We also used images from the story to create our own simile. We imagined we were in the jungle and used our senses to think of what we might think, feel, smell and hear. We also experimented using different conjunctions to write about various parts of the story.

This term Year 2 have been looking at the book 'A River' by Marc Martin in our English lessons. We have been analysing the book and thinking about the different techniques the author uses to write an interesting story. This week we have had a go at writing our own stories based on the book. Have a look at one of our examples below!

Class 6 display showing just some of our great work based on the book A River by Marc Martin. We wrote postcards back home to our friends and family. We also wrote our own circular story in the style of the story, but we had to think of our own places that a character may visit on a journey.

In Shared Reading Class 6 have been enjoying the book ‘ One World’. Today we created some freeze frames from different parts of the story. We also thought of some questions we would ask the main characters of the story and completed a ‘ hot seating’ activity. Some brave volunteers offered to sit in the hot seat and answer questions in the role of the girl or boy from the story.