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The staff at Phoenix have been reading stories to the children on the website. Shay from class 6 wrote a new version of "No Bot" read by Mrs Broad. (April 2020)

Phoenix held their second book picnic of the year during World Book Week. The children came dressed in a T-Shirt they had designed showing their favourite book character. We also held a parade for children to show off their creations!

Nursery children enjoyed having their parents coming into Nursery to read some of their favourite books to them.

Class 1 and 2 's parents came into school to read books to the children. They had a great time.

Class 6 enjoying world book day. We designed our own shirts with a book character on. Some of our grown ups kindly came in to join us with our book picnic. Today we wore our shirts and had another book picnic.

We loved having our grown ups come in for World Book Day and reading stories to everyone in Class 3!

At the start of Book Week, Class 4 had some parents come in to read us stories in groups. We also designed and made our own tshirts by drawing pictures of our favourite books to wear later in the week.

Class 6 have been starting to look at the story book A River. Today we pretended we had taken a journey on the boat down the river into a jungle. The children worked in small groups to create Freeze Frames for being in the jungle. Can you work out what we are?

Class 6 have been learning about the poem The owl and the Pussy Cat. We know the poem off by heart and decided on actions to help retell the poem. We paid a visit to class 3 to perform to them the poem. Take a look at us in action.

Class 4 have been learning about rhyme. We found lots of rhyming words in Giles Andreae's books.

Phoenix held their first book picnic of the school year on Friday 20th December. The children were wonderful at sharing their favourite stories with others.

Today in class 6 we were doing a reading comprehension with a difference. We worked with a partner and had to move around the room to find the questions. All of the questions were about the story Silly Billy. We answered them and then went to hunt for the next one.

Class 5 wrote their own repeating poems. We called our poems, 'On my way to school.............'

We like to find ways to keep active in all lessons. Class 4 played 'sound hopscotch' in Phonics. Children hopped along the sound floor mats calling out the sounds as they landed on them.

We are a book loving school. Class 6 had their first visit to Carlton library today. We listened to a story then were able to pick a book we wanted to borrow. We are looking forward to going back in a couple of weeks.

Every Term each class chooses an Author to teach the class about. By the time the children reach the end of year 2 they would have experienced at least 9 different Authors.Autumn Terms Class Author's display