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DT Policy September 2019

To celebrate Pancake Day, Class 4 made pancakes! We read and followed a recipe, measured our ingredients carefully and mixed the imgredients together to make the batter. We learnt above Shrove Tuesday and Lent and how different countries celebrate it.

Class 4 designed, made and evaluated finger puppets. Children first looked at different materials to decide which would be the best to use. They then designed their puppet before selecting their own materials and tools to make their puppets. Children then evaluated their puppets by saying what they liked and disliked.

Class 6 displaying some of their great work for Design and Technology making and burning their Tudor houses.

Class 6 were very busy and productive this morning creating their Tudor houses. We worked with a partner to help each other at times. We had a great morning and are really happy with our houses. We really enjoyed using the hay to attach to the roof.

Class 4 made toys from junk modelling to sell in our class role play Toy Shop. Children selected their own materials and tools to make thier toys.