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Design and Technology

Nursery have really enjoyed building in their free play in Spring 1. We really have gone along the lines of go big or go home!

Year 1- Healthy Heating

In D&T we have been learning about where the fruits and vegetables we eat come from. We have been very surprise to learn how far some of our food has to travel! We talked about healthy eating and have enjoyed making healthy fruit smoothies. 

Over the last few weeks, Class 4 has been learning about materials and the different ways of joining them such as glueing, sellotaping, sewing or using screws or nails for stronger materials. We used this knowledge to design and make our own sock puppet using a variety of joining techniques, some of us even had a go at sewing. 

While reading "The train ride" F1 made their own trains and one huge train! We experimented the best way to join materials together to get the effect we wanted.

In F2 we have designing and creating buildings, vehicles and adventure playgrounds! We especially loved designing and building Hindu temples

Class 5 designed, made and evaluated our own healthy pasta salad to link with our Science work on keeping healthy.

in nursery we love to design and construct! We use large and small construction from bricks or boxes to, well anything we can find!