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Cross curricular lesson today involving RE and Computing. Because the children in class 6 have been learning about Hanukkah, we used Publisher to make cards using Clip art and word art. Take a look at us in action.

 You Tube - What parents need to know 


Children can't seem to get anough of the video sharing website. Please read the CEOP's guide to everything parents need to know about it.

Peer Pressure Online

Who your child is friends with in the real world will have a huge influence on your child , but today the people they interact with online on gaming platforms can impact too. 

This article gives you advice on what to look out for and what you can do.

Think u Know .co. uk 

Thinkuknow is the educational programme from NCA - CEOP , a UK organisation which protects children both online and offline. 


Take a look on the website for advice about staying safe using mobile phones, tablet or computer.

Year 2 have been learning about e- safety and which adults they can talk to if something upsets them online. We know that we should not communicate with strangers online and always tell an adult when we are using the internet. Today we worked with a partner to do role play telling an adult that something has gone wrong online.

Class 6 were using the laptops today to play a game with a partner. The children had to be able to explain the rules of the game to each other and myself at the end of the lesson. For the game the children needed to be able to use the buttons on the laptop to drag and drop items. Some of us found this a little tricky so we will continue to work on this again.